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Nature is ‘re-awakening’ …

The season starts

Enjoying life together outside at the ‘piazza’

New ideas are popping up – you feel the energy inside of you ‘awakening’ …

You feel you would enjoy, feel re-energized when you would take some time ‘off’ to be able to concentrate on these ‘new – refreshing’ ideas

Time to ‘detox’ … take a distance…

A la carte means : we co-create together with our regional ‘soul-selected’ network, Umbriasoul unique hospitality ‘experiences’ for entrepreneurial beings, couples, families & groups

MIX: A time off in nature – a small community – time for yourself, your ideas – sharing them with others – reflecting – exchanging ideas / experiences / lessons learned – enjoying ‘life’ & nature – giving yourself a ‘present’ in the format of ‘spending an amazing inspiring time that nourishes your soul & being’

We, as Umbriasoul hosts, guarantee that your stay here in Umbria will be inspirational & breathtaking.
Volontieri a presto cari !!